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Thread: English election platform for Bjørghild Kjelsvik

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English election platform for Bjørghild Kjelsvik
Posted: 25.nov.2010 10:30
Qualifications and background
My most important qualification for the candidacy of being on the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Humanities (FH) is my experience as observer on the Board for the group of Temporary Scientific Staff (TSS) in 2010. In addition I have for several years served on a number of boards in different voluntary organization. As a master student 2000-2002 I served both as member and as chair of the local student's organization at the earlier Department of Linguistics, and I also had one year as student representative on the Department's Board.

I work now as a postdoctoral fellow on the NRC-project Language,Culture, Identity at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies (2009-2012). I was a PhD-fellow at the same Department for 2004 till 2008, and have also been occasionally engaged as a part-time teacher.

Election platform - goals for being on the Faculty Board

As candidate for being on the Board I am conscious of the very important role of the Faculty Board in the task of developing overall strategies and priorities for the Faculty's work. The Board is responsible for enhancing the quality of the Faculty both in carrying out the core activities of research and teaching, and in the development of a wider communication of their work in society. The Board is also ultimately responsible for developing good working environments in the Faculty, characterized by transparent management and a good personnel policy.

One of the most important issues to come is the following up of the decisions taken on priorities of research and teaching. In the present narrow room for economic maneuver, the Board must carry out it's responsibility for distributing the resources as well as possible, but it should also work for a more adequate financing model for the sector of higher education. A process of prioritization of administrative task has also been heralded. In my view the recently decided Strategic plan for the Faculty will be a good tool to develop the Faculty further.

As a representative of the TSS-group I have three main goals:

1. Work to develop FH further in the domains of research, teaching and popularization
- Ensure adequate institutional support for application processes of external research financing
  • Ensure high quality teaching and carry out the goal of research-based teaching on the Masters-level
-Better arrange for knowledge popularization activities

2. Work to make FH a better work environment for all groups of personnel
- Ensure transparent decision making processes with good flows of information'
  • Ensure accountability and transparency in the coming process of administration priority decisions

3. Be a voice for the TESP group in the Faculty of Humanities Board
- Work for a maintaining and extension of the mentor program
  • Move resources from many small temporary teaching engagements to large temporary (part-time) positions.
  • Work for the keep up and improvement of the program of up to one year of continued scholarship when submitting the dissertation on time.

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Re: English election platform for Bjørghild Kjelsvik
Posted: 25.nov.2010 10:32   in response to: bjorghik in response to: bjorghik
Oops! A spelling mistake in the last of my three goals - TESP should be TSS, standing for Temporary Scientific Staff.